Accommodations | Pocono Springs Camp


Pocono Springs’ cabins complement the surrounding natural environment with gorgeous lakeside views and modern facilities. Each one of our completely renovated, modern cabins contains a bathroom that is equipped with showers, lavatory facilities, and sinks. Every clean and comfortable cabin has electricity, WiFi access, ceiling fans, and a front porch that overlooks our 15-acre private lake.

Our cabins are each unique in size, shape, and number of beds enabling us to host groups both big and small! The majority of our cabins are dormitory-style, with the ability to hold 12-30 guests in each cabin. Group leaders or guest speakers may be interested in upgrading some of their housing to include a few of our private-style cabins with a variety of offerings from one- to two-private bedrooms and a shared bathroom area, to private cabins with sitting area and bathroom.